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When you support ABI, you become part of our mission of promoting scientific progress in Armenia and in the world, and of boosting developments in biotech and biomedicine.

You may donate in any of the following ways:

  • One-time donation: become a one-time supporter of our mission by choosing the “One-Time Donation” option.
  • Recurring (monthly) donations: Become our long-term supporter by choosing the option of “Recurring Donations”. Small monthly donations help us organize our activities better over longer periods of time having a greater impact on our chances to reach our goal! You always have the possibility to change your donation options.
  • Tax-deductible donations: If you reside in the United States of America, and would like to make tax-deductible donations, we offer another option for you. Follow this link to know more.
  • Direct bank transfers. Use the credentials indicated below.

Card donation

applies to cards of all currencies

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Matched donations through Benevity

We are on the Benevity Causes Platform. If your organization offers donation options through the Benevity causes portal, you can double your donations to ABI.

Log in to Benevity with your employee credentials, search for "Armenian Bioinformatics Institute" and navigate to the "Donate Now" tab to proceed with your donation.

Organizations that have matched their donations to ABI:
  • Adobe Armenia
  • AMD
  • Synopsis
  • Spotify
  • Netflix

Tax deductible donations from the US

applies to cards of all currencies
  • This option works for any type of cards.
  • This option is possible due to the kind support of the ARPA institute.
  • For people residing in the US, tax-deductible donations are possible.
  1. Visit the ARPA institute donation page (link below)
  2. Choose your payment preference
  3. Check the monthly donation checkbox, if you'd like to provide continuous support to ABI
  4. In the "Add special instructions/comments" section, indicate: "I'd like to donate to the Armenian Bioinformatics Institute"
  5. Please, leave your email in the contact form so that we have the chance to thank you for your support and to keep you up to date with what we've achieved at ABI with your help!

Direct Transfers

For direct bank transfer, use the following credentials:

  • Recipient Name: Armenian Bioinformatics Institute Scientific Educational Foundation
  • Bank: Inecobank CJSC
  • SWIFT code: INJSAM22
  • Accounts
    • AMD: 2050422368721001
    • USD: 2050422368721020
    • EUR: 2050422368721040
    • RUB: 2050422368721041

Where does your support go?

ABI funds will be distributed among the following activities․

Educational activities

  • Organization of summer schools and non-formal courses
  • Educational resources for self-learning
  • Mentorship programs to support self-learning

Basic funding for research 

  • Scholarships to support students of the ABI Research school.
  • Basic salaries to support the establishment and continuous activities of independent research labs at ABI.
  • Other costs associated with research activities, such as conferences, travel, equipment, and publication fees.

Computational resources

  • Monthly fees to use the computing resources provided by ASNET
  • Salaries for maintenance of bioinformatics software infrastructure and support to students’ access

Bioinformatics core facility

  • Salaries to the personnel providing bioinformatics support to Armenian research institutions
  • The core facility is also providing bioinformatics data analysis services to other entities. The profit from these activities is also used for ABI operations.

Operational costs

  • Salaries for the personnel in administration, marketing, etc.
  • Office space-related expenses